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The Roundtable

The National HBCU Business Deans Roundtable joins more than 300+ CEOs in Unprecedented Commitment to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

HBCU Business Deans represent 83 campuses in 22 states & Virgin Islands. With more than 250,000 students enrolled.


This extraordinary show of force builds on the energy from the launch and grows the potential impact of the pledge. By signing on to this commitment, The National HBCU Business Deans Roundtable is pledging to take action to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion. The collective of more than 300 signatories have already shared more than 300 actions, exchanging tangible learning opportunities and creating collaborative conversations via the


Initiatives unified hub Continuing this momentum, the signatories will convene at a closed-door discussion in November to discuss longer- term growth strategies that will advance the agenda

HBCU Business Deans Roundtable, President and Chair, Division of Business of Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Joe Ricks comments, “As leaders of


HBCU business programs this work is very important to us as both pipeline providers of diverse talent as well as thought leaders for creating diverse environments in our schools and the organizations where our students work.”


CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion is cultivating a new type of ecosystem centered around collaboration and sharing. The actions, available via showcase real-life examples of the open and transparent conversations to cultivate more diverse and inclusive workplace environments.


To learn more visit and connect with us on Facebook: CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and Twitter: @CEOAction


Press Contacts:

Fields Jackson

Executive Director

HBCU Business Deans Roundtable

(919) 656-9657



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